Along the boulevard I was alone, walking with nothing except my own. And there you came and gave me something to hold. Pen and paper, which brought me to the calligraphy of my soul.

HIgh V.oo

 Best Protection for your Digital Life”

­-Titanium 5.0


I was once a victim a year ago, February of 2012 to be exact but not of any physical harm nor emotional impairment. I’ve never been into court and wait for the judge’s decision if the criminal is guilty or not. I wasn’t able to see the suspect suffering in jail and justice never came into my hands.

I was infected and worst, it caused my death. I don’t know who did this to me, and how the infection spreads but one thing I’m sure about was even I wanted to stay strong and composed, I became totally worthless.

You know the reasonswhy? It is because my partner has never been contented to me, today my partner will be with someone and do everything just to satisfy their needs and the next day my partner will be rolling over again to another one and do the samething and even more. They  do malicious things and I believe did not use any protection nor safely remove. Now, I hope my partner regret all these.

 My immune system slows down, I became totally sick, I loose myself, I was unrecognizable, others also became like me and the most terrible part is, I became a living virus from within.

Afraid and hopeless, this how I felt till I heard from my friends the best protection that everyone of us could have and they called it as Titanium 5.0.

Since then, I tried to research how effective the product is and how true that this product could help not just hundreds but millions of users all over the world. I found out that Titanium 5.0 could provide not just an entry level security but aswell as mid – range security upto its high end secutity.

Entry level security which is capable of course the basic security protection and additional protection for Mac, Mid – range security providing secure erase, system tuner and safe sync, Hi – end security  classified into maximum, premium and small business security. For maximum security it has 10 Gb safe sync, protection from social networking site, and extends security to mobile devices and tablets. For Premium – 50 Gb SafeSync, Smart Surfing for Mac and TMMS Android. Small Business – 10 Gb SafeSync, Safe Surf for Mac and TMMS Android protection.

After knowing all of these, you know what? I was really upset and disappointed because if only my partner uses the best protection, I should’ve stayed for long, and I might help others even more.

Nevertheless, I love you still but please, the next time you fall inlove again and I know you will, use the best protection you could ever have.

Lovingly yours,


victim of malware night before the final defense.

(Source: kaligrapi)

step by step. little by little.

Sa susunod na patak ng ulan, kapag hindi na masakit ang ulo mo at wala ka ng ibang nararamdaman, hindi na kita papayungan. Maglalakad tayo, magkahawak ng kamay habang nagtatampisaw. Habang pabilis ng pabilis ang patak ng ulan

Red Rose among the Black

It’s been a gloomy day that morning

No excitement, no extravagance, everything is working with the usual

Till I look around, and Gotcha! There you are

The only red rose among the black

Since then I’ve became a big fan of you

No more ominous days or sluggishness

Your smile, your eyes, everything in you is a lot different

You really are the only red rose among the black

Silently, you’ve became my inspiration

I’m happy that I’ve got a chance to meet you

To share umbrella with you

To talk with you

And make laugh with you

its just so sad that it’s our time to leave now

But I know in some other time

We will again meet up

I will surely miss you

The only red rose among the black

With no more words to say,

"The greatest thing about freedom is admiring you unconditionally"

(Source: kaligrapi)

I am now a PRODIGAL SON.


Share lang. hoho Kanina, as I was sleeping, nanaginip ako. Ang weird. Yung mga nakasama ko sa panaginip, dalawa na lang natatandaan ko… MAy mga humahabol daw samin kaya takbo kami ng takbo. To the point na umapoy yung bus na ginamit namin to escape. tapos maya - maya, may nakita akong mgalagay ng bomba sa likod ng inuupuan ko… Takbo ulit!

HAnggang sa napunta ako, at mga kasma ko sa isang lugar kung saan dun kami naghanap ng trabaho. para may matigilan lang. Nag apply ako bilang katulong, at ganun din sila… Nakaabot ako sa interview pero lahat ng sinabi ko ee puro kasinungalingan.

Tapos ayun… kinagat ako ng lamok. At muling nabalik sa realidad. hoho

In a relationship, setting rules is a big shit! Pero yung balewalain ka, demmit!!


So excited to take my Board exam and have my license as a certified Electronics Engineer. HOho


"You are not perfect I believe

Because you are not a mannequin or just a dream

But behind your imperfections

My love its you who made me complete.